There are several techniques of drug testing like single panel multi panel etc. They are basically designed to make it easy for the authorities to check the presence of drugs in the body. Like in single panel drug test authorities can only get the knowledge about single drug while in multi panel at a time more than 5 drugs can be detected. So going for multi panel drug test can always help to find the exact level of addiction of drugs in the child. If these drugs are detected using the multi panel drug testing then there is very serious level of addiction in the person. And that can’t be accepted at all in the companies and government services. They are very much strict about the drug addicted candidates. There are number of ways to pass a drug test.

Passing drug test in safest ways:

There are several ways in which these multi panel drug testing can be done. And even there are lots of ways which can be used in order to fake a drug test. Some of them staying hydrated so much that you urinate frequently so as to flush the toxins out. It depends on the kind of drug and the test that you are going to face that how long does it take to pass a drug test. Because if you are giving tests like hair drug test then it might even detect the metabolites of drugs that was taken 3 months ago. And when it comes to multi panel drug test they can detect the drugs of all the kinds present in the body. In this 5 panel urine drug testing is done which is more convenient as compared to the single panel drug testing. This is because in this the test is done in a container and then the testing strip is also in the same container so it does not take time to show the result.

If you want to know how to pass a drug test fast, then the best thing that you can do is using scientific products that can actually help you to clear the tests without any doubts. This is the best way to pass a drug test. There is no risk that you might get caught or something like that because they are very clean in their approach and never let you down during the test. Some of the supreme klean products are ultra-cleanse shampoo, saliva detox mouthwash etc.

Drug Testing for Student Athletes


Many athletes these days make use of drugs to gain some success in athletic events. These events require a lot of energy. Many drugs are available in the form of steroids to athletes who boost their performance by steroid consumption. To discover  how to pass a hair drug test please click the link.

The law of testing student athletes
The student athletes of this generation always take the easy route of success by falling for drugs very easily because of the easy accessibility of drugs and steroids. Many agencies have been set up to test these student athletes. These athletes are the future of all athletics. Thus it is very important to test them in order to flush out the illegal system that is evolving and spreading. If they are flushed out, many bad activities can be flushed out significantly. The law regarding drugs in student athletes is evolving significantly.

Before the testing process each student has to fill up a control form for specimen. This has a number that describes the form and the person in question. The student is asked to enter a locker room where he is supposed to give a drug test. This test is conducted in a specified laboratory which is very high class and has all the required characteristics that make up a state of the art laboratory.
After the test is conducted the student will be declared whether he is eligible to compete as an athlete or not. The samples obtained from the laboratories are then sent to an autonomous and an independent laboratory which tests the samples for marijuana, cocaine and meth. In case a student faces suspension he or she can face suspension and under major and severe circumstances he or she can face a life ban from competing in any form of athletic events around the world. This system of testing student athletes for drugs has got a lot of praise in the past because of its significance in flushing out the bad students who are under the influence of drugs very early. This creates a very clean and natural competing environment for the students and competitors all around the world. Furthermore a student who faces a ban in his early days is very less likely to repeat the mistake.
In order to pass a drug test it is important to know that home remedies are not at all effective. Products like supreme klean detox shampoo are very effective and help the person under influence significantly.

Does cranberry juice really help to pass a drug test


Passing a drug test is not that easy as people think. It is a believe of many that passing a drug test is very easy by use of home remedies. If a person is asked to go through a drug test such as a urine drug test than the most common home remedy used are:

  • Drinking lots of water
  • Having a cranberry juice
  • Using fake penis

But all the above listed remedies are totally crap, the first and foremost thing is that all such are the urban and legend mythological believes that were used about years and years back, but now the technology has gone so advance that it can easily detect the presence and absence of toxin in the body and proves that a particular person is having drug or not.

The presence of drug in a human system that totally depends how much amount is consumed and how fast the consumption is. The essence of the drug last in the human body for around not more than 24 hours. And such essence keeps on increasing, according to its consumption.
Urine drug test is a common and cheap method to discover the presence of toxin in the human system and is widely used by the employers in the service sector. Many people make use of a fake penis to pass drug test. It is a method in which the person who is going to go through a drug test ask any of the consulting company to have a fake penis or any of their friends and relatives to drop their sample as his own. But it is a very bad idea with high risk involved its just because the court also gives an order to keep an eye on the person who is going to give there urine sample, and then this idea gets flop. The next comes is having a cranberry juice!!

Ahhh… now its again a dumb idea does cranberry juice help pass a drug test? Think once before opting this idea. It is nothing but a method to dilute the sample. Once the cranberry juice gets inside the body it changes the pH balance, color of urine and the exact temperature more over it also leads to failure and as a result of the examiner can instantly change its mode of drug test like they can switch from urine to that of saliva or hair. So it is the best option doesn't do intake the wacky chemicals and shorten the life the best of the solution is to have a detox product.
The supreme klean detox drink is available that helps to pass the urine drug test safely and gives a hundred percent satisfactory results to its customer. It also benefits the health and the permanent detox kit removes the present toxin completely from the body.
So, be careful before going through any "remedies" and taking a risk with drug test. They doesn’t guarantee and flat out as well as damage the human body.

Why do celebrities make drugs an excuse


Drugs- A legitimate excuse for Hollywood

Hollywood has found a fantastic excuse for their erratic public behavior, DUIs and justification for photographs that show them doing something illegal and that is- drugs. The moment they get caught on camera, they are packed off to rehab centers which have become the new hot spots, not for serious counseling and help for overcoming an addiction but just to repair a public image that has been tarnished. There are too many celebrities using the rehabs as a tactic to regain their lost image. Rehabs to them have become a process that is quick and easy to minimize the consequences of abusing drugs.

Advise for people who have completed rehab programs

There are many high profile people who have attended programs at rehabs to kick the habit of drugs or alcohol. This has become acceptable by society and to admit having a problem and seeking help for it is not something to be ashamed of. The concern however is that celebrities are using these programs as an excuse for their bad behavior even though they have no intention of repenting or reforming themselves. Being an addict is neither admirable nor cool, even if the media tries to make it that way. There is an ugly side of rehabilitation which is the emotional stress and agony of facing up to all the bad things that you may have done as well as the physical pain of withdrawal. In order to avoid a relapse of the addiction, there are certain guidelines that people need to follow religiously-
• Avoid going to places and meeting people who can influence you negatively
• Reduce tension and stress
• Pursue activities that are healthy like exercising or take up a hobby that is worthwhile
• Stay away from situations that can put you in high risk
• Attend a 12 step meeting for recovery every day
For a person who is serious about his addiction and his decision to stay away from it, it is important to follow this advice, even if he happens to be a celebrity. A rehab program is not for entertainment or for building up a good image. Instead it is a constructive program to reform a destructive life.

Why do celebrities make drugs an excuse?

Celebrities have to deal with a lot of pressure. Everything from their talents to their looks is scrutinized and sometimes because of their fragile egos, they turn to drugs. Moreover, bad influences are always around them coupled with large amount of money that is available to them. Sometimes they suffer from anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, bipolar disorder and they attempt to treat these disorders with drugs. They prefer to remain anonymous if they opt for treatment though many of them are honest about their addictions. However, some are very insensitive and they make their addiction an excuse for bad behavior. Many have died due to drug overdose. Like any other normal person they too need help as they are neither indestructible nor super heroes.

The myths of drug abuse


The myths that surround teenage drug abuse

Most parents do not realize the seriousness of the issue of teenage drug abuse because of some myths that surround it and are commonly accepted by all. Therefore, it is very essential for parents of teenagers to get accurate information about drug abuse and look out for any signs of the same in their teenagers. Precaution is always better than cure and it is important for parents to have a vivid idea of the dangers of drug abuse and the remedies for it.

The myths of drug abuse

• Street drugs are more harmful than prescription drugs- This is a myth and the fact is that all prescription medicines which are intended for alleviating depression, anxiety or pain are as addictive as the illegal drugs and can only be safe when taken under the direction of a doctor. Many children assume that prescription drugs are safer and begin experimenting with them. Often this experiment is accompanied with the consumption of alcohol. This can be deadly and can drastically damage the teenager’s physical and emotional health.
• It is normal for a teenager to use marijuana and alcohol- This again is a myth and the fact is that less than half of teenagers in America smoke marijuana or drink alcohol. This exposure is illegal and damaging along with affecting the social development of a teenager. Teenagers who have experimented with such substances have reported that they were just looking for something different in order to have a great time. In fact it is this that they learn and later it becomes difficult to unlearn it.
• Drug testing will make my child feel alienated- This is yet another myth as if you find your child showing any symptoms that seem abnormal like a feeling of isolation, being irritated and argumentative or sleeping at the wrong time then it is a signal for something seriously wrong. Drug testing is the best way to discern as to what is wrong and what solution can be offered.
• Drug abuse can only happen in low income areas- This too is a myth as researchers have found that alcoholism and drug addiction can occur across socio-economic ethnicities and levels and can be prevalent anywhere in the country. It has nothing to do with a particular income level.
• Drug addiction is a question of a teenager’s character or morality. This happens to be another myth as most of the addicts begin as occasional users of drugs and come to a point when their choice become a compulsion. Some may view drug use as a disease of the brain or a choice that is immoral but the fact is that this choice does not take long to become a compulsion.

How to prevent drug abuse?

Teenagers need constant support and counseling to be prevented from starting this deadly habit. Parental guidance along with the convincing role of educators and teachers in school can make a difference and prevent teenagers by their positive efforts and attitude.

How to evaluate the best treatment center


Finding the right rehab center for your addictions

Addiction is a disease that requires treatment. A disease that affects the physical, emotional and psychological state of a person, addiction cannot be treated lightly. It is as serious as any terminal disease and requires attention and medication to save the life of a person who is addicted. There are many rehab centers which help an addict to recuperate and deal with this disease though some addict finds it very difficult to locate the right one. Sometimes it is this that keeps them away from seeking treatment as they feel that it is very difficult to find a treatment center that they can afford and that which will be covered by their health insurance plans. However, this is just an excuse for not seeking treatment.

How to evaluate the best treatment center?

The best way to find a center for your treatment is by calling them up as the tone of voice of the person who talks to you over the phone will be able to reveal a lot about the center. You will know how interested they are in the well being of the patient and many a time, the person who is answering your call may be actually a recovering addict. Most treatment centers accept health insurance plans and your treatment for addiction will cover at least some part of the expense. In case it does not, find ways to do it as life is more precious than money. You can always avail of a loan, scholarship or grant that the government offers for treatment of addiction.
You can also approach the treatment center for their finance facilities. There are many schemes for addicts to help them pay in installments if they are short on money. You need to find a center which will focus specifically on the kind of addiction you have so that you can get the best out of it. Talk to the advisers and let them know how much time you can give for your treatment as there are different durations available such as you may go for a week just like a holiday from work so that your work mates don’t notice it. You may also go for a longer term if you are a serious drug addict fighting your addictions for a long time and are desirous of getting clean and getting over with the pains of withdrawal.
There are also in-home treatment centers which will allow you to stay at home during the period of treatment. The right treatment center is important as they can help you to build new habits and acquaintances to enable you to stay clean after you return to your normal life outside.

The best programs at rehab centers

Any good drug and alcohol rehab program at a center will have counseling as a key feature. This program is based on the results of your psycho-social evaluation and the motive is to help you address your problems so that you can recover quicker and the change is permanent not temporary.